EricaJean10 (ericajean10) wrote in scc_graphics,

My first drabble, ever. I choose this verse because frankly, I needed more after I saw the ending of this series.... I'm not too sure how good or bad it is, but I thought I would share, nonetheless.

Connor couldn't believe his eyes as he looked upon the girl that he knew could not be Cameron, yet here she was. But how. She smiled softly up at him as she continued to show affection to the dog.

Kyle outstretched his arm and placed his hand unto Connor shoulder, drawing in his attention. "Come, let us find you some clothes, shall we." He said with a smirk, not taking his eyes from the boy. "Then we shall discuss what brought you here to us."

Derek looked back at his men and hid his amused smile behind his hand. He couldn't wait to hear the boy's story. They all had heard the loud cracking sound, but the last thing he had expected to find was a naked teenage boy, wearing his brother's jacket. It also troubled him that the boy knew his name, and looked upon him as if he knew him. He followed closely behind his brother and the boy as they disappeared around the corner.

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